Dr.Smells Mouth Spray (Peppermint)


Do you crave a sparkling smile with fresh breath to match? Look no further!

Teeth Whitening

Unveil brighter teeth with every spray! Removes stains of coffee, wine, tea & tobacco.

Kills Bacteria

Actively combats harmful bacteria.

Mouth Refreshing

Blast of freshness that lasts.


Free from alcohol, ensuring a gentle yet powerful cleanse without the burn.
Halal Pending – Halal certification is underway, making DrSmells a choice everyone can consider.

Net weight: 15ml


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Our unique blend of minerals and vitamins, currently under patent review, is crafted to brighten your smile while promoting oral health. We ensure our products are formulated with clinically-tested, safe, and potent ingredients suitable for every individual.

How Dr.Smells Mouth Spray Works?

The combination of CHX and PVP in the mouthspray formulation can control extrinsic tooth staining. CHX may catalyze browning reactions, but the addition of PVP as an anti-discoloration system helps reduce this staining effect, leading to a whitening effect on the teeth.

Journal article titled - "Efficacy of Teeth Whitening with a Mouthwash: In Vitro and In Vivo Approaches"
Authors : Franco Gasparri (Department of Pharmacy, University of Salerno, Italy)
Bruce Richard Schemehorn (Therametric Technologies, Inc., USA)
Andrea Zanardi (Global Parapharmaceutical Science, Mylan s.p.a., Italy)

How To Use

Teeth Whitening: Direct a single spray onto the teeth to enhance their whiteness and brightness.

Bacteria Elimination: Direct an additional spray into the oral cavity to effectively combat and neutralize bacteria.

Ensure to follow the recommended dosage for optimal results. Always consult with a dental professional if unsure about usage.