Enjoy 100 hours of odour-free protection – need we say more?

Lift your hands high and sway them 

as if you’re truly passionate about the components 

entering and surrounding your body

Dr.Smells series
Simple  .  Effective  .  100hrs

Dermatologically Tested

Natural Formulated-Ingredients

Cruelty Free. Vegan Friendly


Trusted Review

Joyful Customers

Born in Malaysia

Product Crafted in Malaysia

How Our Products Different?

NOT your ordinary deodorant.
We don’t merely mask odors with fragrance 
or block natural sweating with antiperspirants.
Instead, we rejuvenate underarm skin cells,
repair damaged tissue, and eliminate odor-causing bacteria.

Everybody Love Us

I switched from dove to drsmells. I got my first cream last month and fell in love! Smells nothing, doesn’t leave streaks.

Yvonne Lim


I only buy my deodorant from drsmells. I’ve tried their sampling last month and was hooked since then. They last long, the texture is perfect but the best part about is that you don’t get tired of “wearing” the same fragrance every day as it doesn’t bring up any smells or weird perfume

Siti Kathirah


I’m an aluminum free deodorant “first timer” and this product has blown me away. The texture is fabulous.

Lashkmi Uma


I will not buy any other kind of deodorant! I even get this for my 11 year old granddaughter! It is AMAZING and as a breast cancer survivor, I appreciate that it doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients…..I just LOVE it!!

Athikah Maisura

your skin, our mission . smell like you