100 Hours of Confidence: 

Discover the Long-Lasting Magic of Dr.Smells

Experience unparalleled freshness with Dr.Smells — a deodorant that lasts up to an astonishing 100 hours. Whether it's through a busy day or a sudden downpour, remain confidently fresh.


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Lasts Beyond Expectations: 100 Hours of Unmatched Protection

Forget reapplying. Just one use of Dr.Smells keeps you odor-free for up to 100 hours. Yes, you read that right – 100 hours! Don't let your deodorant dictate your day. Take control with Dr.Smells.

Revolutionary Freshness, Powered by Microbiome Science

Tired of underarm odors that just won't go away? Embrace the breakthrough approach of microbiome balance! Our unique formula works in harmony with your body's natural defenders to combat odor effectively and gently.

Why Choose Harsh Chemicals When Nature Has the Answer

Experience the difference with our advanced formula. By maintaining the natural pH and microbial balance of your skin, our deodorant ensures long-lasting freshness, without disrupting your skin's natural state.


Opuntia Streptacantha

Anti Inflamatory

Paeonia Suffruticosa

Skin Brigtening Effects

Houttuynia Cordata

Anti-micorbial & inhibit baterial growth

Chrysanthellum Indicum

Skin soothing and anti-redness

Scutellaria Baicalensis

Anti-redness & sooth sensitive skin

Portulaca Oleracea

Anti-bacterial & anti-fungal

Keep It Fresh, Not Suppressed!

Aluminum in your deodorant? No, thank you! We keep our formula aluminum-free to ensure your pores are free to breathe. Stay fresh naturally, not forcefully.

Experience the Dr.Smells Difference!

All-Day Freshness Guaranteed

Join the thousands who've upgraded their deodorant experience. Dr.Smells delivers continuous freshness and confidence, no matter what your day holds.

Skin Whitening & Nourishment

Not just a deodorant – a skin enhancer. Our unique blend of natural ingredients brightens and nourishes your skin with every use.

Natural Ingredients for Your Sensitive Skin

Itchy, irritated skin from your current deodorant? Dr.Smells is here to save the day with its skin-friendly, natural flower extracts.

Affordable Luxury, Now Within Reach

Who said luxury can't be affordable? With Dr.Smells, step into a world of premium skin care without stretching your budget.

50ml Anti-Odor Cream

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  • Effective Anti-Bacterial

  • Paraben & Aluminium Free

  • Nature Extract

  • Sensitive Skin Friendly

Still Not Convinced?

Beyond Ordinary: Discover How Dr. Smells Stands Apart from the Crowd

Dr Smells

Other Brands

Duration of Effectiveness

Lasts up to 100 hours

Typical 12-24 hours


Natural flower-based ingredients

Synethetic Fragrances

Skin Benefits

Skin whitening and nourishment

No skin benefits

Pore Health

Doesn't block sweat pores, aluminium-free

May contain aluminium


Refreshing 24/7 fragrance

Standard fragrance lasting few hours

Stain Prevention

Anti-stain formula

Can leave stains on clothes

Suitability for Sensitive Skin

Designed for sensitive skin

Not specifically designed for sensitive skin

Water Resistance


Not specifically designed for sensitive skin

Alcohol Content

Alcohol Free

Contains Alcohol

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